Earth Rising Reviews

There is no way to solve a single slice of the world without impacting others, and this is one of the features of this game I love.
Diary of a Lincoln Geek

It’s clear that Earth Rising is a game, and it’s been made by game designers. Designers with a passion, yes, but game designers first and foremost. It feels not-too-dissimilar to something like Pandemic in that regard – players working together to complete a single, intangible goal.
Punchboard Reviews

I appreciate both the message overall and how intertwined everything within the game is. Earth Rising does a great job of being both a game and educational without ever being preachy.
Boardgame Quest

As cooperative games go, it was easy to learn and fun to play. It also had a really positive message about self-empowering each individual to take ownership of our planet and our daily activities. We cannot do it alone. No one person recycling will save the world. But this game showed my kids – and me – that all it takes is one to start, and more will follow. Very positive message.
Father Geek

I think it would be amazing to use this game for educational purposes, since it teaches you in an easy way the fundamental aspects of sustainability.