Earth Rising

A cooperative board game about saving the world!

Earth Rising isn’t about vanquishing evil or undoing some terrible plot… instead, up to six players must work together to bring the world into sustainable harmony.

For families and friends, aged 11+. You have twenty years to transform the world, are you up to the task?

Organisations we’re proud to support

We’ve teamed up with these amazing organisations that are making Earth Rising’s mission happen in real life!
Click below to find out more about their incredible efforts.

Permaculture Association
Renewable World
Stop Ecocide

The game design is based on the ‘doughnut’ system, devised by Oxford Economics Professor, Kate Raworth, and demonstrates how our societal needs may be balanced alongside our planetary impact. In our present world we are failing on both fronts – overwhelming poverty and inequality matched by extreme ecosystem damage. Your goal is to work together to change the world, for the better, for everyone.

The only way to achieve this is to challenge our existing practices and provide better alternatives, while working hard to clean up and mitigate the damage already done.

Who will you be, the Climatologist, Ecologist, Activist, Grass Roots Politician, Innovator or Eco Investor?

The film ‘2040’ suggests that by using technologies we have available today, in just 20 years we can restore the balance and bring the world into sustainable harmony.

You will have 20 turns, each representing one of those years, to achieve that result. Yet those invested in the Status Quo have no intention of giving up their power, and will resist you every step of the way. Do you have what it takes to change the world?

Social Influence

Players affect their society through Social Influence, which they use to help transform polluting and unsustainable practices into ecologically viable and long term sustainable practices. The power to change how we live our lives is in your hands – can you use it to save our planet from ourselves?

Status Quo Strikes! Cards

Not everyone wants the world the change! The Status Quo – those who profit from the exploitation of our planet and people – will try to stop you. Every Sustainable Practice you’ve managed to implement will cause them to take further action against you, meaning the better you do, the harder they strike back!

50% of profits will be donated to ecological organisations

It’s not enough to us that our game demonstrates the situation we’re in through an engaging, entertaining and social medium. We’re currently in talks with several organisations that will receive a share of every game sold as a donation towards their mission, meaning that even as you play the game, you’ve already helped to make it happen in reality!

Stop Ecocide
Renewable World
Permaculture Association

Play the game online!

Earth Rising will be playable online for free on Screentop, a browser-based login-free game simulator. If you’d like to play the game before the launch, we regularly run playtests and would love for you to help us make the game perfect – get in touch at our Discord community!