Some of the images on the prototype Social Influence counters and cards (and on Screentop) are currently placeholders using borrowed imagery. They’re just to give you a flavour of the theme, but they’re only loosely indicative of what will be in the final game. All imagery will be original come launch!


Polyculture Farming – Edible EarthScape

Regeneratively Farmed – Coombe Farm Organic

Industrial Meat Farming – Mercy For Animals Canada

Community Supported – Agriculture Sustainable Food Trust

Habitat Destruction – Alamy

Regenerative Mixed Farming – Organic Consumers Association

Industrial Chemical Farming – Shutterstock

Marine Permaculture – Planting Seeds

Overfishing – Scientific American

Nature Needs Half – Nature Needs Half

Deforestation – Eco Inteligencia


Circular Production – European Business Review

Planned Obsolescence – The New Federalist

Cooperative Social Enterprise Cooperatives of the Americas

Standards & Certification

Lowest Bidder Supplier – Shutterstock

Feed-in Tarrifs – Saur Energy

Carbon Credits

Repairable Designs – iStock

Synthetic Textiles – Facebook

E-Waste Recycling – Sustainable Inclusive Business

Mineral Extraction – NBC News


Remote Worker Management –

Commuter Expectation – The Independent

Controlled Rents –

Excessive Living Costs –

Public Owned Utilities –

Private/Corp Owned –

Social Services Protections –

Financial Gatekeeping – Verywell Health


Female Empowerment – Winning women

Population Growth –

Single-Use Clothing –

Community Dashboards –

Resource Over-use – Medialib / Cloudfront

Plant Based Diet – Pixers

High Red-Meat Diets – Shutterstock

Media Watchdogs –

Polarising Media –

Cultural Diversity –

Discrimination – Shutterstock

Civics Education – The Warren Word

Voter Apathy – Pinterest


Wind Power – EWEA

Gas Industry – Engie

Ecological Hydro-power – Montana Public Radio

Biomass Converters – Mott Macdonald

Energy Trading – Shutterstock

Overproduction – Gryphon, Inc.

Energy Conservation –

Energy Inefficiency – Maps on the web

Nuclear Development – The Objective Standard

Nuclear Waste Storage – CNBC

Decentralised Networks –

Centralized Distribution – Future Net Zero


Winner takes All – Adobestock

Universal Basic Income – Twitter

Sustainable Development Tracking – Stockholm Resilience Centre

International Cooperation – Blogspot

Nationalism – The Intercept

Government Transparency – Facebook

Anti- Environmentalism – The San Diego Union-Tribune