Earth Rising Game Reviewers

You’re helping us launch something important!

Thanks for your interest in our game. Without you, we’d never be able to release this marvellous thing into the world! The prototype you’re looking at differs a bit from how the final version will be, however it can be quickly compared to our online versions, which are updated as we go. Feel free to take a look below and discuss it in your review.

The Social Influence cards provided are not the final editions – many of the images relating to various practices will change, and while we’ve done our best to provide high quality temporary artwork, the final product will have imagery for each practice that is tailored to the games’ aesthetic and the practice’s nature. Image credits here.

The game and its mechanics are final and will not be subject to change, but the Social Practices and Character Cards have received updates to their content, the final versions of which can seen online. As a result, please make sure you refer to the rules specifically for accurate explanations, as our Character Cards (front & back) have been changed since this print run to increase ease of use. Some elements have been improved thematically since prototype production, such as the Activist character card, detailed in our blog post: Lessons Learned From The Activist.

Social Influence Cards

Some of the images on the prototype Social Influence counters and cards are currently placeholders using borrowed imagery. Credits here. All imagery will be original come launch!

The Board

We’ll admit… it’s a big board! The final edition has now been scaled down by 5cm, meaning a more standard sized box (30x30cm) and a less imposing table presence. While the prototype has a square board, the final version will be round (and since unlocking our latest stretch goal, dual layered). All together now, ‘oooOOOooh!’

50% of profits will be donated to 6 charities

It’s not enough to us that our game demonstrates the situation we’re in through an engaging, entertaining and social medium. We’re currently in talks with 6 charities that will receive a share of every game sold as a donation towards their mission, meaning that even as you play the game, you’ve already helped to make it happen in reality!

Stop Ecocide
Permaculture Association
Renewable World
World Resources Institute

Play the game online!

Earth Rising will be playable online for free on Screentop, a browser-based login-free game simulator. If you’d like to play the game before the launch, we regularly run playtests and would love for you to help us make the game perfect – get in touch at our Discord community!