Earth Rising is a game designed to not just teach, but BE your first step towards a sustainable future.

The game will be produced ethically and sustainably, with its shipping offset by long-term positive initiatives, and will reach your door and provide you with an exciting and engaging game along with a real roadmap of information about achieving a sustainable future.

After all that, Stop, Drop & Roll games studio (that’s us!) will be donating 50% of all of our post-fulfilment profits generated from Earth Rising to our partner charities, all of whom helped us ensure our game and supporting information are accurate and correct in their portrayal of our world, and how we solve its issues.

Sustainable Materials

We are committed to manufacturing a 100% sustainable game, using recycled and FSC certified materials, along with a promise of NO plastic components.

Earth Rising is a game about sustainability, so it’d make sense that we’d want every part of its production and fulfilment as close to those ideals as we possibly can! That’s why Earth Rising will be made using FSC certified recycled and produced paper and cardboard for manufacturing its cards, board, box and rules, along with FSC certified wood for its meeple. We’re also using water-based inks!

We’ve designed specifically to exclude all plastics (even PLA) from the game, and are even committing to zero plastic in our packaging with biodegradable shrink wrap, ensuring that should our game end up in a landfill one day it won’t be there for long! Will this mean sacrificing quality? Absolutely not. The truth is that sustainability options don’t decrease quality, they just increase cost. But these costs are tiny in comparison to ensuring our planets future, and we hope to show other game producers that fantastic games can be made without costing the earth.

Environmentally Friendly Factories

Our manufacturer, Hero Time Manufacturing, is the leading board game producer in sustainability, and the only manufacturer with the capability to produce 100% sustainable board games. Check them out for yourself!

Earth Rising is designed to entertain and educate people the world over, but as a UK based company our widest anticipated reach is in the western world. That’s why we’ve fought hard to find an environmentally friendly factory in the UK, EU or US to produce our game to allow us to minimise fulfilment distance. In the end, we felt the long term precedent of producing our game with 100% sustainable materials was more important than how far it had to travel. See below for what we’re doing about those emissions!

Fulfilment Offsetting Measures

We will be looking into alternative means of transporting our games from the factory (e.g. trains, which are far more eco-friendly), however if these methods prove not to be viable, we will be offsetting all of our freight shipping emissions using Tree Sisters.

Regardless of where we manufacture, there will always be the dreaded dirty industry of freight shipping. While we can affect the game manufacturing world by choosing the most eco-friendly option, the world of logistics can only be changed by policy, which is why we’re pledging to offset all our freight shipping with funding to Tree Planting Initiatives from Tree Sisters, who put the money into natural regeneration and women’s empowerment projects, to ensure that our already minimised carbon footprint is outweighed by our positive impact.

Why Does It Matter?

There’s no doubt that there are far greater polluters than the board game industry, but Earth Rising teaches that it’s not about only one side being made to stand accountable. Every change we make, every adjustment we take on ourselves, we begin the process of normalising the act of everyone holding themselves accountable. What little strain we could put upon our world may well only be one small token’s worth, but it’s still a token, and we know that board games can be better.

The phrase “be the change you wish to see in the world” is a powerful one, but there’s the added issue that some people don’t know that change is possible, and some companies don’t know that people care. Earth Rising is our way of proving that it can be possible, and better still, that if we ask those making our games to do better, they can. By setting that bar, we hope to see game designers new and old turning away from cheap plastic and deforested wood, and embracing a more positive future for the hobby we love.

We want to make sure Earth Rising is a step toward a brighter future, be that through what it’s made from, how it’s fulfilled, or what its funds go into. We hope that when you read the above, you’re pleased that your purchase from us will do more good in the world than any other board game yet made.

Don’t dream about a better future, help us start it. Together.


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