Like most great things, it began in a pub.

Now, Laurie has described his passion and vision and Stu has described the inception of this splendid little game. For me, my first experience of what has become a near all-consuming passion project was early one Winter’s eve in a pub with my chum Stu and my daughter.

Stu had been talking about Pugs in Mugs for some months, and now, before me, were a stack of neatly trimmed paper rectangles roughly coloured with felt tip pen. One day, this PiM prototype will be worth MILLIONS, I tell you! We played while I sipped ale and my little girl munched a burger and got wired on fizzy pop. Stu’s enthusiasm was infectious and the game a lot of fun. It was easy to spot yellow cards in the Pug Deck because the ink had leaked through to the back, and I’m sure (I hope) it was this that aided my 8 year old daughter’s victory over two grown men. I remember thinking, this is proper it’s just like a real game! An absurd notion I know, because why on earth wouldn’t it be? But I’d never considered the possibility that I’d one day become involved in designing and making a game. I love playing them, but other people make them…

So I feel privileged for having been given the opportunity to work with this great collection of enthusiasts: one friend of old and now three new ones too.

A year after that splendid evening at the pub, after months of team meetings, illustrations, and test plays (entirely to make sure it worked, you understand… just business.) and we’re about to launch Pugs in Mugs on Kickstarter! It’s a little staggering to see how far it’s come. The stack of paper rectangles it once was is now a fully realized card game! We’ve even had prototypes printed, it’s real and tactile! Satisfaction is off the scale. 

I’ve spent many, many hours drawing these cute/adorable/weird little critters and I’ve come to love them all. And the past months have seen our brand expand and given me ample opportunity to have fun with these little characters in different settings. I love ‘em and I truly hope you will too.

Stu and Laurie have developed something really wonderful with Pugs in Mugs. It hits so many of the right touch points; it is silly, fun, family friendly; it’s portable (playable in the pub or the park!); it brings a little joy.

And that’s what table top games should be all about; a chance to connect with one another, and do so with joy. 

Happy playing.

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