Pugs in Mugs

A strategic card game full of cute pugs! Collect them and put them in mugs… obviously.

Pugs in Mugs is a family-friendly game about collecting pugs, for 2 – 5 players, ages 6 and up.
Collect a host of adorable pooches, snatch your favourites from opponents, steal Mugs in acts of utter thievery or demand the cards you need to be victorious!

Did we say this was family friendly..?


Pugs in many languages! Download the sheets, then trim them to fit inside your game box. Check back here as we add more translations!

About the creator


Stuart Lawrence
The creator of Pugs in Mugs, Stu sees removing the engine cover and forensically detailing the mechanics of any given game a hobby in its own right. Pugs in Mugs was a long time coming and he’s ecstatic it’s now released into the wild!

Stu runs a digital content agency, Don’t Panic. Check ’em out.